Tod’s Tasties Cafe is one of our very favorite breakfast spots.  Tucked away in historic Montford, it’s well-hidden among the big trees and beautiful Victorian houses.  We decided to swing by for breakfast after an early morning (who are we kidding, early afternoon) workout last Wednesday.

asheville best breakfast

Part of what makes Tod’s so great is it’s unpretentious nature.  Looking at it from the street, you’d never know how insanely good the food is.

Tod’s, like many other Asheville eateries, is largely sourced from local farms and utilizes fresh seasonal ingredients in their recipes.  Everything served is made from scratch.  What’s more, breakfast is served all. day. long.
Tod's Tasties Asheville

You order at the counter, which is great because you can look over the rockin’ pastry display.

Pastry Asheville NC   Just the tip

Be sure to check out the extensive daily beverage offerings.  They also have a pretty good beer and wine selection if you’re looking for something a little stronger.

There’s a few seating options: an indoor dining room, a covered patio, and an outdoor terrace.  We decided to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in sunny Montford.

Asheville Breakfast

It’s seriously hot in Asheville right now, but we try to avoid cooling off with a beer before 1 p.m. (most days).  Instead,  we opted for an iced latte (for Chelsea) and a cold brew (for Mattie).  The coffee is perfectly flavored and reasonably priced to boot.

Cold Brew
Tod’s Cold Brew
Best Coffee Asheville
Cold Brew & Iced Latte

Mattie decided on “The Spin”, eggs with fresh chèvre and spinach on a bagel.  She’s a bit of a bagel addict, and Tod’s makes theirs from scratch with NC-produced organic flour.  As delicious as it looks!

“The Spin”

Tod's Tasties Fruit Bowl

She also got a side of fresh fruit.  It’s always a bit of a risk ordering fruit, regardless of season…we usually feel like you end up with a few bland melon chunks with some grapes tossed in.  Tod’s is the exception–big slices of peaches, oranges, grapefruit and pineapple.  It tastes exactly like summer.

Chelsea went for “The Big Poppa”, a monster of a sandwich loaded with sausage, fried egg, and muenster cheese. It’s traditionally served on a bagel, but she asked for a biscuit instead which added a little Southern twist.  Tod’s is somewhat known for their tater tots, so of course we got an order of those as well.

Breakfast Asheville
“The Big Poppa”

Asheville Southern Style Breakfast Tots + Sausage

The tots were definitely the standout of the meal.  Crispy, airy, and just a little pepper-y…we couldn’t stop eating them (and, really, why would we want to?)

Tod's Tasties Asheville NC
(Almost) TKO’d

If you’re looking for a breakfast joint in Asheville, you really can’t go wrong with Tod’s.  Great environment, good prices, and delicious food…10/10 would eat again.

8 thoughts on “Tod’s Tasties

    1. hi ladies ! Try to get up to Asheville every chance I get from Greenville SC. Finally a Blog I can check out before every trip. Yes eating just barely comes before AVL’s Micro Brewery selection but ones got to eat before one can drink. ( this way you can keep it on the straight and narrow ) Happy Eats ! “Catfish”


  1. Awesome post eating here is on the top of my list, love tater tots!! Everything looked great & I hope to see more posts from these ladies!🍴🍳

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  2. Wow haven’t heard of this place, 20 minutes from home can’t believe I’ve missed it! Great blog, happy someone in Ashville is finally doing this 😸


  3. So excited to see a food blog for Asheville!! I live about an hour away and always have trouble picking out places to eat when I visit. This blog will be super helpful for my future trips up the mountain! Thanks ladies!


  4. Caught your blog & checked out Todd’s may I say brilliant. We ordered both of what you recommended but Todd’s a pastry freak and oh so excellent. Thanks ladies great job!!


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