Jerusalem Garden is a little gem tucked away in one of downtown’s busiest corners.  If you weren’t looking for it, you might not even notice it was there.

Vegetarian Asheville Lunch

Nestled inside Pack Square, this sweet little spot is reminiscent of a European sidewalk cafe.  Listen for the jaunty instrumental tunes and you’ll find the place.  Although it tends to fly under the radar, Jerusalem Garden is home to some wonderful food.

Ethnic Lunch in Downtown Asheville

The inside is beautiful–plush textures and moody colors.  There’s even a party room in the back with pillows so that you can sit on the floor.  It was a (moderately) nice day, so we decided to sit on the tiny-yet-adorable patio and sneak in some people-watching.

Lunch in Asheville   Asheville Business Lunch

Jersualem Garden has been in the same location for 20(!) years, and is family-owned and operated.  Just our kind of place!  While tourists wait in line at high-traffic restaurants across the street, you’ll see locals in-the-know swing by the Garden without even having to wait.

Amazing Asheville Lunch
2009 article from The Laurel about Jerusalem Garden

The architecture is fabulous in this area…grab an outdoor seat if you can and enjoy the view!
Downtown Asheville for Lunch

Chelsea went for Blackened Salmon, served with hummus, tahini salad and roasted pita.  The salmon is flaky and perfectly cooked, and it goes beautifully with the Mediterranean flavors of the hummus and tahini.  If you’re a seafood lover, this is the dish to beat.

Best Asheville Business Lunch
Blackened Salmon…mmm.

Mattie had the Vegetarian Platter which is, quite frankly, the business.  Falafel, tabouleh, Kalamata olives, tahini salad, stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanoush, and hummus, all served with fresh warm pita bread.  It is totally a vegetarian’s dream…the biggest challenge is deciding what to try first.  (Psst…the grape leaves.)

Asheville Ethnic Food Delicious Vegetarian Lunch Asheville

Vegetarian Asheville Lunch
Vegetarian Platter

Chelsea’s boyfriend Matt took a break from work to pop by and say hello.  The couple that lunches together, stays together.

Best Asheville Lunch Spot

Our server recommended the baklava, and we are damn glad she did.  Fresh out of the oven and drenched in honey, topped with crumbled pistachios…heavenly.  It’s a good sized piece, plenty for the three of us to share and feel satisfied.  The filling was perfectly textured and the crust was golden and flaky.

Asheville Baklava
House Baklava

We also ordered Turkish coffees to go along with our dessert.  Don’t let the size fool you–these little suckers are STRONG.  They’re a super-rich, nutty, chocolate-y brew.  In fact, they’re so thick Matt thought we’d be able to stand a spoon straight up in one.  (We couldn’t.)

Asheville Downtown Ethnic Food
Turkish Coffee & Baklava–a perfect end to a perfect meal.

Next time you’re downtown, give the Jerusalem Garden a try.  It’s like a little staycation, right here in Asheville.

6 thoughts on “Jerusalem Garden

  1. Great read.. I have lived in AVL for a long time and haven’t eaten there yet! Will definitely be going by to check out the Hummus.. sounds lovely!

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  2. You girls killed it. 2nd restaurant I haven’t found but thanks to your blog I have 2 that are top of the list! Will be in downtown Asheville this weekend so Jerusalem’s may be it. Your pics are awesome but the descriptions make the blog. Keep it going I’m in the area often and don’t have to guess on where to eat- love it!!!🍴🍷

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A friend turned us on to your blog & we checked out Jerusalem ‘s for lunch. Everything was amazing & your recommendation on the baklava spot on! Hope to see a lot more from you very soon.

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  4. Amazing blog! Thanks so much for developing this, Asheville is a great food town and we need you. Keep up the good work and we will continue to watch for good places to eat, Thank you!

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  5. Great blog just checked out Jerusalem’s for dinner based on your blog & quiet impressed. Excellent selection of foods, great service and fairly priced. Rock on ladies! Post more often- I live in Black mountain & love a good suggestion. Thanks

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