There’s no better way to kick off a weekend than a girls’ lunch.

Nine Mile Asheville best ethnic food

We met up with Jessica late Friday afternoon to grab a bite and catch up on the events of the week.  The venue was Nine Mile, a crazy-popular joint in the heart of Montford.  The Caribbean cuisine was amazing as always–in fact, this place is Mattie’s pick for best restaurant in Asheville.  (That’s some seriously high praise.)

You can sit indoors or on the patio–it was a hot day, so we chose inside.  This place stays true to it’s island roots; reggae music, bright colors and a fun atmosphere give Nine Mile a super-relaxed vibe.

Best Food in Asheville NC

We started with the Live and Give, which combines three of the appetizer offerings into one.  It’s got a green curry hummus, a tomato-mango chipotle salsa, and a spicy queso, all served with a basket of chips.  Designed to be shared, we each picked a favorite and went to town.

Asheville Best Lunch Spot
Live and Give

Asheville for lunch Best lunch in Asheville Nine Mile

Chelsea, always the first to get the party started, livened up her lunch with a Noble Hard Cider.

Nine Mile Asheville NC Asheville NC Carribean food 

Mattie went for the Island in the Sea, which is crab meat, shrimp and diced clams served over spinach fettuccine.  You can get a marinara or white wine sauce on top, or you ask them to combine the two and make a rose sauce (which she did).  It’s not much of a looker, but the taste is seriously next-level.

Asheville NC Best Restaurant
Island in the Sea

Jess chose The Meshach (say that five times fast) which is cavatappi pasta in a white wine cream sauce topped with scrumptious veggies and served with natty bread.  You can finish it with either chicken or jerk tofu, or forgo the protein and get extra vegetables instead.  It’s smoky, creamy and super-filling.

Montford Ave Asheville Lunch

Chelsea’s Concrete Jungle won the beauty contest by a landslide.  Just LOOK at those scallops.  They’re served with mussels, squash, zucchini and tomatoes in a fresh basil white wine butter sauce and garnished with spring onions.  The scallops have a perfect sear, and the flavors combine beautifully.  It’s as delicious as it looks.

Nine Mile for Lunch Asheville
Concrete Jungle

Nine Mile is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends.  Great food, great company…what more could you want?  See ya next time, Nine Mile!

Nine Mile cusinie Asheville

7 thoughts on “Nine Mile

  1. This is my favorite eatery in Asheville, too! Have you guys tried the Cool Runnings? It’s fantastic. Their chocolate cake is awesome too. Love what you guys are doing 😉

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  2. I LOVE NINE MILE TOO. Who doesn’t?? I always get the Raggy Road but perhaps I’ll have to branch out and try some of these too…looks delish! (Next time try one of their desserts…drool-worthy)

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