What’s more Asheville than a great local brew (or several)?  Nothing, that’s what.

asheville craft beer scene
Pollination Honey Saison

We were joined by our lovely friend Natalie as we headed to Burial Brewing Co. last week.  She’s an Asheville native and always seems to know the best spots.  She loves this place, and it’s easy to see why.
Burial Brewery Asheville

Burial has a very industrial feel to it–nice and spacious with unfinished wood and metal elements.  Flags decorate the exposed beams and mellow music creates a nice ambience.  And it’s located in the heart of South Slope, known for its incredible brewery lineup (schedule a tour if you can!).
Breweries Asheville NC local beer

Slap a sticker on the cooler if you’ve got one…you’ll be in good company!

best brewery in asheville good brewery in asheville nc

Burial has a 10 barrel brewhouse and a 1 barrel pilot system, which they put to good use cranking out tons of unique and thirst-inducing offerings.  The 1 barrel allows them to create a pilot beer each week, so there’s always something new to try.  Some popular brews are canned and distributed across North Carolina.

asheville best brewery

good brewery in asheville

Not only do they have great beer; they also hold regular events which they post about on their blog.  There’s a Sunday jazz brunch, regular live music, and will even host a new food stand, “Salt and Smoke” a few days a week starting on Sept. 8th.

Burial Beer Co. Asheville Burial Beer Co. Asheville NC

You won’t feel cramped or crowded in Burial–it’s a wonderfully spacious venue.

burial beer

You may be at a loss for what to try first.  That’s okay–bartenders are happy to offer samples to help you decide.

burial beer co. craft asheville beer

If you’re going to try out a new brewery for the first time, spring for a flight.  It’s a wonderful way to sample what the place has to offer without having to commit to a full pint.

We got a Skillet Donut Stout, The Shroud Dubbel, Haysaw Saison, and a Rosary Belgian Export Stout.  We thought the Haysaw was fantastic–complex, light but still full.  Natalie, a devoted dark-beer kind of gal, thought The Shroud was incredible.

asheville best breweries

Needless to say, we were happy campers.

burial brewery asheville

Maybe a little too happy…

best asheville brew

burial asheville nc best beer flights asheville

All washed down with a Pollination Honey Saison for Chelsea, a Coconut Brown Bolo for Natalie, and a Rosary Belgian Export Stout for Mattie.

asheville craft beer burial
Pollination Honey Saison, Coconut Brown Bolo & a Rosary Belgian Export Stout

asheville nc craft beer scene burial

Burial Brewing Co. is a wonderful addition to Asheville’s craft beer scene.  We’re glad it’s starting to get the attention it deserves.

love craft beer burial brewery

Cheers to you, Burial!

asheville nc best brews burial


12 thoughts on “Burial Beer Co.

  1. Wow – can’t wait to get there to try some of these myself. The pictures of the beer are very enticing….right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Wonderful. Thank you for adding breweries to the lineup. Great idea! It’ll be quite useful for the countless tourists looking to discover the reason behind Asheville’s “Beer City U.S.A.” title.
      Keep it up!


  2. Toured with my family and had an great time. From California so this wa different for us and so much fun. Just got back in NC found your blog plan to hit as many of the spots you’ve written about. Thanks ladies madey choices so much easier!!


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