We were in need of some serious refreshment after getting lost on a hike last week.  Hot, sweaty, and ever-so-slightly irritable, we were searching for something cold and delicious.  YoLo was there for us.

yolo yogurt asheville nc

YoLo, located on Merrimon Ave., is a self-serve frozen yogurt and dessert shop.  They use fresh local ingredients and provide loads of options, so you’ll be sure to find something you love.  In addition to frozen yogurt, Yolo serves shaved ice, sorbet, ice cream and more.

\Yolo asheville best frozen yogurt asheville nc

YoLo’s interior is so bright and fun.  We started feeling rejuvenated almost immediately.  The walls are covered in eye candy, such as cheery paintings, shimmery tile, chalkboard sketches and a community bulletin board.

yolo asheville nc

You can sit at tables and booths indoors…they also have a covered patio if you feel like eating al fresco.  We were still feeling overheated and a bit salty, so indoors it would be.

frozen yogurt in asheville good

YoLo has lots of flavors on constant rotation.  The shaved ice in particular has about a million choices, and you can mix ‘n match!

best frozen yogurt in ashville frozen yogurt asheville nc

We both agree that the toppings are the very best part of the YoLo experience.  The fruit is local and delicious, and everything was perfectly ripe and in-season.  We, however, had just hiked a few miles and said a big NO THANKS to being healthy, instead opting for sugary selections.  You’ll find just about every gummy, hard candy, chocolate, and cereal from your childhood.

frozen yogurt asheville local berries frozen yogurt asheville

best frozen yogurt in asheville local frozen yogurt near asheville

Price is calculated by weight, so try and control yourself (it ain’t easy).

frozen yogurt yolo

best frozen yogurt asheville

Chelsea chose the Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet (which also happened to be vegan).  She smothered it mini cheesecake bites (amaaaazing), Reese’s Pieces, and slivered almonds

asheville nc yolo

good frozen yogurt asheville nc

Mattie went for the Cinnabun flavor, which she topped with cheesecake bites and eggless chocolate-covered cookie dough bites.

yolo frozen yogurt local asheville

And poof!  We were happy once more.

Asheville Beer Food Blog yolo local frozen yogurt in asheville nc

Thanks a bunch, YoLo–helping us eat back post-workout calories since 2012.

good frozen yogurt asheville

4 thoughts on “YoLo

  1. YoLo here I come!! I live within walking distance and haven’t seen it. Being a ice cream fanatic I can’t believe I missed it but look out I’m so on the way.

    1st time commenting but I’ve tried two of your other downtown posts and haven’t been disappointed!! Great job hope you keep them coming!!


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