Our little mountain town has been in the news quite a bit lately.  It’s safe to say we won’t be reviewing Waking Life Espresso on the blog anytime soon, and while we are disgusted and outraged by what has transpired, we are so proud of the swift actions of our community.  The citizens of this town are unlike any other.  In the interest of looking forward, we would like to shine a spotlight on another local coffee shop committed to finding a solution, rather than contributing to the problem.  Thank you, High Five.

best coffee in asheville

High Five has long been a favorite amongst locals for their delicious brews with artistic designs, welcoming environment, and modern decor.  We visited the newly-opened Rankin Ave. location (the first one is on Broadway) on a chilly Monday morning to show our support for this wonderful company.

best coffee shop avl nc

There are tons of sweet treats to take your pick of.  We loved looking over the pastries and confections–too bad ya can’t try them all!  (Well, you could, but we’re on a budget.)

best local coffee shop asheville nc       best coffee spot asheville nc

In light of the Waking Life ordeal, High Five has chosen to donate a percentage of profits to Our Voice, an immensely important organization.  (If you aren’t familiar, please have a look at their website.  They do so much for our community.)

high five coffee best coffee

Mattie, a creature of habit through-and-through, picked her favorite cold brew.  Trust us, this is not fridge-chilled leftover batch coffee…it’s the real deal.  It’s a perfect boost of energy to start your day with.

high five coffee avl

high five has best coffee in avl nc

Chelsea’s pear, cardamom and cinnamon tart was the superstar of the morning.  It was baked to perfection and tasted heavenly–flakey on the outside with a warm and gooey interior.  (Mattie kept begging to trade, but no such luck.)

high five avl coffee spot best

who has the best coffee in asheville?

The barista’s choice of the day was a ginger snap latte.  All proceeds from this beverage were to be donated to Our Voice, so we grabbed one to split.  It also came with a little ginger candy…excellent touch!

high five asheville nc coffee

Mattie also enjoyed a scone, a lovely three-bite treat and classic coffeehouse fare.

best coffee asheville nc

local coffee spot asheville       high five coffee bar avl nc

High Five is a great coffee shop.  The people are kind, the drinks are delicious, and the atmosphere is serene.  This is the kind of place we want to give our money to.  Verry niiiice, High Five!

high five coffee bar avl

2 thoughts on “High Five Coffee Bar

  1. This is your best post to date, says a lot as I am a fan. I learned about walking life shop from you and posted my protest hope they’re shut down permanently! I also love the new option you’ve given me. You ladies rock!


  2. Tried it out in the cold rainy weather it hit the spot. 4 of shared multiple pasties and coffees can’t tell t which was the best all were mouth wateringly delicious!!


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